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Gas Grills


All of our grills are available in natural gas or propane. We carry gas grills manufactured by Modern Home Products (MHP), ProFire, Napoleon, Delta Heat, and DCS. We have a grill to fit every application and budget

MHP Grills

Modern Home Products invented the gas grill in the 1960’s. The same family still manufactures these grills today. MHP offers grills to fit many different applications and budgets. Manufactured in Antioch, IL, MHP grills are backed by some of the best warranties in the grill industry. In the following video, we will walk you through all of the grills and mounting options offered by MHP.

Profire Grills

Profire Grills, owned by MHP, builds commercial grade gas grills at their facility in Butler, Wisconsin. ProFire grills are built with the highest quality USA-Made 14 gauge, 304 grade stainless steel. These grills are backed by THE most extensive lifetime warranty in the grill industry. There are 192 different grill options offered by ProFire. With this many options, we can help you configure the perfect grill for your particular needs and budget. ProFire does not package unnecessary add-ons (like rotisserie kits & grill lights) in with the grill, so you are not forced to buy accessories you will not use, but you have the option to add them if you’d like. This is where ProFire shines against other high end brands. By customizing your grill to your needs, you can get a high end American made grill for less than many other high end competitors, or you can go all out and out-cook the Jones’.